As a researcher, my works are dedicated to enhancing experiential learning through computer animation, visualization, game design, interactive and immersive virtual spaces, and the development of tools for improving visual perception. I’m interested in applying computing technology combined with various art forms to my research so that ideas and information can be effectively conveyed to users. As a naturally collaborative medium, technologies of computer graphics have been applied to multidisciplinary research areas. My works reflect this trend.


Work at NASA


Lightning over South Dakota - The South Dakota Lightning Mapping Array (LMA) consists of 10 sensor stations that monitor very high frequency radio waves emitted by lightning. This dataset provides detailed information about a lightning event that occurred in western South Dakota around 2:50 PM on July 19th, 2014. The lightning flash contour data were generated by the scientists based on the raw LMA data. The lightning showed in this work lasts about 1.5 seconds. The animation repeats the lightning event 14 times played at the actual speed of the event to illustrate detailed 3D lightning observations and the lightning's dynamic progression providing a unique perspective on extreme weather.


Global Wind Flow over Salinity


Wind Flow over Salinity in the Selected Area (Atlantic Ocean)


Mega Drought - Droughts in the Southwest and Central Plains of the United States in the second half of the 21st century could be drier and longer than anything humans have seen in those regions in the last 1,000 years, according to a new NASA study published in Science Advances on Feb 12, 2015. The research found continued increases in human-produced greenhouse gas emissions drives up the risk of severe droughts in these regions. More info ...


Game Design Contest


Moon Rush - is a web-based 3D computer game that promotes the new moon race supported by Google Lunar X Prize. This coming moon exploration will be accomplished with the ingenuity and cost-effectiveness private enterprises rather than large goverment programs. Currently Moon Rush (in design phase) is participating G4C the game design competition for SpaceIL mission, sporsored by the Schusterman Family Foundation in partnership with G4C.  See and Read more ......

bulletMoon Rush won the People's Choice Award, based on public voting, in the Shoot for the Moon Game Design Challenge at Games for Change Conference 2014.

MFA Thesis Project


The Moon Experience - based on the lunar landings of the Apollo program in 1961-1972, the Moon Experience is an interactive and immersive virtual reality system, designed and developed through the technology of virtual reality in conjunction with game design, learning theories, storytelling approach, motion capture, and computer animation.  See and Read more ......


Collaborative Works



Newark Octagon Earthworks - is an ongoing collaborative work with Ohio Newark Earthworks Center. This project is for the design of an interactive computer application for analysis and understanding of the geometric relationships of Ohio's Newark Octagon Earthworks to observations of the Moon and Sun. The simulation model will be used for research and to educate the public about these ancient sites in Ohio, and how scientific thinking and observation played an important role in the culture of ancestral Native America. My role in this project is to implement an interface to illustrate the lunar motion and its 18.6 year cycle. I used Swiss Ephemeris (API and DLL) to compute the accurate information about the Moon’s movement. With the information, I drew the graph of the lunar motion in real time. The following video shows the graph of the lunar motion and its real-time update. With the “zoom in” and “zoom out” buttons, a viewer can observe the Moon’s movement in days, months, or years.


Real-time Animation/Game Design



Parametric Modeling - Inspired by the different shapes of astronomy observatories at Kitt Peak, I modeled several astronomy observatories on the mountain with a set of parameters so that the shapes of models can be changed through the parameters in real time. This work is implemented in Houdini.


Visual Effects



The Solar System - explains the structure, the composition, and formation of the solar system. The effects are created with the particle system and texture animation in MEL script.


Particle Glittering Effect - is an animation created with the particle system and texture animation in MEL script. The goal is to create a celestial and mysterious feeling.


Dancing Leaves - is an animation that depicts the motion of leaves in oil painting style. The main motions include the swirling of the leaves on the ground and the falling of the leaves from trees. See and read more ......


Snow Dent and Snow Trail - are two procedural animations. One creates a dent in snow when an object drops into snow pile. The other creates a scene that a moving object (such as a snowboard) leaves a trail on the snow covered ground.


Snow Accumulation - pictures the accumulation of falling snow in a boat (in MEL script).


Water and Fire - are the effects that originally designed to represent dancers in Forsythe project. They are created through the particle system and shaders in Maya.


Real-time animations in Houdini - includes three effects created in Houdini. The first illustrates an egg dropping on a hard surface. The next is one object hitting a second. The last is an exploding effect.


Animation Exercises



Crawling Baby - is an output of a 9-week long project to study character animation. The goal is to learn main techniques and to be aware of common mistakes and pitfalls in character animation. The major tasks include modeling, texturing, rigging, and keyframe animation.


Animation with Music - given a piece of music by John Cage, I was asked to create an animation. I thought the final work should be something abstract like the works of Oskar Fischinger, Len Lye, and Norman McLaren. The music brought to mind a tranquil scene of a pond full of joy and energy. Flowers were animated with blend shapes; tadpoles were animated with bend deformers; and background was animated through keyframing texture.


Keyframed Character Animation - depicts a primitive person perambulating including walking and sneaking.


Other Works



Lighting Study - studied the principles of three point(key light, fill light and back light) principles and created four rendered still images of the same interior space. See and read more ......


Oil Painting Related Shaders - include two synthesied shaders: the canvas shader and the oil painting shader. The canvas shader was based on the build-in 2d cloth shading node (in Maya) and its parameters were adjusted. Fractal, bump, and other functions were applied, and then the original canvas was blended to generate double sided canvas. The brush stroke painting shader avoids the cut-out edges using a mask generated by fractal, ramp and samplerInfo nodes. See and read more ......