Mary Oliver once beautifully expressed her perspective on life, stating, “When it’s over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.” Her words resonate deeply with me. I, too, strive to embrace life to its fullest, with art as my guiding star. My ambition is to craft artwork that captures the poignant moments of my life. My artistic journey unfolds through the versatile mediums of watercolors, pastels, acrylic, oil painting, and the digital realm, where I sketch the fleeting instances in time. Be it the first bloom of a flower or the peak ripeness of an orange, these seemingly trivial scenes hold a mirror to life's inherent beauty. My art is a testament to these moments, a visual poetry that speaks of life's fleeting yet profound beauty.

As a visualizer and animator with an MS in Computer Science and an MFA in Design, I dedicated several years to the Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) at NASA. Prior to this, I contributed as a programmer for Lockheed Martin IBS and Ingenuity Systems, Inc. in Silicon Valley. The diversity of my work experience significantly broadens my vision and proves invaluable in my ongoing studies. Currently, I am pursuing my passion for the arts in the MFA Studio Art Program at American University. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to work with both traditional art materials and digital media. I believe that exploring traditional art and rediscovering its power holds particular significance in this era of AI—a field equipped with cutting-edge technology destined to shape our future lives.